Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Nolan's Nursery

Nolan's sweet little bedroom is without a doubt my favorite room in our house. I spent SO MUCH TIME in there as my belly grew and grew and every minute was worth it because the end result is so perfectly Nolan! Sure he's not even 3 months old yet, but seeing his little face I just know this room fits him and it fits our family. It's no secret that we are a sport fanatic family. We have strong allegiances to the MN Golden Gopher and Texas A&M college football teams and the Arizona Wildcats college basketball team. In creating a room for our son {I still can't believe I have a son}, I wanted to incorporate our love for sports and our favorite teams without getting too themey or cheesy. I spent a lot of time finding only the most perfect details for the decor and again...worth every  minute. 

As a little reminder, here is what the room looked like when we moved in....

After decluttering...planning...painting all the trim, the walls, the closet...the crib drama...and searching high and low for specific it is....MY LITTLE BOY'S ROOM!!!!

vintage hoop created primarily by my father-in-law, Deward, and a little bit by me
crib sheets & lantern lamp via Pottery Barn Kids
diaper rack via Target {and spray painted white}
sports prints by Saint and Sailor Studios
Vintage Arizona Wildcats painting via Dull & Boring
Wooden name cutout via Lucy's Letters
MN State Gopher Cutout via State Your Team

Monday, July 18, 2016

Little Lamb Baby Shower

Last weekend I had the extreme honor of throwing my very best friend a baby shower! With the help of my mom and my other bestie Christina, I was able to put together a perfectly lovely little gender neutral celebration for the mama-to-be. 

I set the tone for the shower with a lovely silver foiled invitation from minted. I felt it was the perfect way to give guests a glimpse of the decor without revealing too much or being too themey. Because the invites turned out so cute I added it to a simple silver frame which added a fun little decor piece and reminded guests how it all tied together. 

When planning a party, I always like to have on focal area or as I like to call it a "party-scape" and for this one, the windows in our dining area worked perfectly. I saw the swinging lamb idea on Pinterest and just had to implement it! How cute are those little guys?! And it ended up being so easy to do! The balloons were compliments of my favorite place on earth, The Corner Balloon Shoppe, per usual.
As far as other decor goes, we used beautiful white flowers throughout my house in cute little buckets and mason jars, added some adorable little gray and white lamb jammies and onesies hanging from the window and incorporated silver, gray and white wherever we could. 

The shower was on a Sunday at 11am so we kept the food light and brunchy. Our mama-to-be has a gluten allergy so we kept everything gluten free and it all came together perfectly. For drinks we did a mini mimosa bar and an arrangement of n/a beverages. The desserts were the cutest little lamb cookies you ever did see by Sometimes I Bake and gluten free vanilla buttercream cupcakes by yours truly. 

We kept it real simple and did just one game. We filled gift bags with a baby item starting with the letter written on the bags spelling SHOWER {shampoo, hangers, onesies, wipes, enfamil & a rattle}. The guests tried to guess each of the items by feeling the bags and Libby got to bring everything home for baby! It's super easy and adds some fun decor!

For favors, I found these sweet little mini buckets and filled them with lifesaver breath mints. Super simple, matched the color scheme and something guests will use. 

I'm so happy with how everything came together, but the best part of the shower was definitely getting together with so many fun ladies who love Libby almost as much as I do. We got our Vegas crew back together which was so much fun!
Since our trip less than a year ago, THREE of us have had babies and now our bachelorette is preggers! How fun is that? In fact, two of those three babies were on the Vegas trip as little zygotes and got to meet at the shower!
{Kendrick & Nolan born 9 days apart}
 It was a perfect day showering my bestie and her lil bun! I cannot wait to become an auntie to this sweet peanut and see Libby become a mama! 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nolan | Two Months Old

Now that we're a week away from having a 3 month old, I should probably recap Nolan's second month. Am I ever going to feel caught up on life? In 18 years maybe. Month 2 was just as wonderful as month 1, this little boy completes our family and my heart in way I could have never anticipated. He is so dang sweet and now that he is smiling has me even more wrapped around his finger than before. He is still an awesome, pretty low maintenance baby who gets cuter by the day.
Weight: 13 pounds, 15oz {as of his 2 month dr. appt}. He is also in the 90th + percentile in height, weight and head size! 

Sleep: Sleeps around 9 hours each night! Hallelujah! Naps are still random but he usually takes a bunch of little cat naps with one longer one in the afternoon. However, if he's snuggling with mama, he'll sleep all day.
Daily Routine: Our daily routine is still pretty up in the air. Feedings and naps are still baby lead and I have a feeling we'll have a hard time falling into a routine until summer is over - every day around here is just so different. Nolan has been going to bed pretty consistently around 8:30pm every night. I'd love to get that earlier but right now, it's working.

Feeding: Nolan eats approximately every 3 hours during the day {sometimes more}, then we've been doing a 5oz bottle of expressed milk every night before bed - he was getting so tired that nursing was just too hard so the bottle has been ensuring his tummy is full before he hits the hay.
Diaper Size: size 1, but will need to move to 2's very soon

Clothes Size: 0-3 month
Hair Color: Looks brown but is blonder in the light 

Eye Color: Super dark blue

First Smirks & smiles

6/5 - 40 day blessing at the Greek Orthodox Church 

6/9 - First Swim, he liked the water but did not like being cold {just like his mama}.

6/10Slept through the night!

6/12 - First boat ride which he slept through the entire thing. He woke up with just enough time to grab a family picture. 

Nicknames: Noley, Noley Bear, Noley Cannoli, Little, Squish, Cookie Boy

My Nolan, 

You sweet little thing, you have mama completely and totally smitten. Your little personality is starting to show which just makes us love you even more, which we didn't realize was possible! You are a rock star sleeper just like your sister which mommy and daddy really appreciate. You are such a good baby and so easy to have around, I love that I can just take you anywhere. These days with you as a teeny baby are going much too fast and I'm trying so hard to soak up every last second. I am so excited to see you reach each new milestone but at the same time wish I could keep you this small forever. It's not possible for me to love you any more and I am so proud and grateful to be your mom. 

Love, Mama